Atari 7800

(1984 – 1992)

This is a list of all unique games that were released for Atari 7800 - around the world.

Game Details
Title Match Pro Wrestling (Imagineering Inc, October 9, 1989)
Tomcat F-14 Flight Simulator (Imagineering Inc, October 9, 1989)
Touchdown Football (Imagineering Inc, October 9, 1988)
Tower Toppler (Atari, October 9, 1988)
Water Ski (Froggo, October 9, 1988)
Winter Games (Computer Magic, October 9, 1987)
Xenophobe (Blue Sky Software, October 9, 1989)
Xevious (Atari, October 9, 1987)
Atari 7800 was officially discontinued in 1992.
It does not, and will not, have any official upcoming games.
No releases can be found!

This is a list of all distinct game releases for Atari 7800!
We define a distinct release as a release of a game that was created for a distinct commercial purpose by the publisher.
Things such as "Collector's Edition", "Player's Choice", "Demo Discs", etc, all have a distinct commerical purpose for why they were created and exist, so they are distinct releases, and are listed here.
Minor variations (e.g. print run differences, minor revisions, etc) of a release that share the same commercial purpose we do not consider "important" enough to be listed as a distinct release - we document minor variations too, but on the individual release page.