You can make your search more powerful by adding flags to your query.

  • The format of a flag is: flag:parameters. Put that anywhere in your search.
  • If a flag has an alias, the alias may be used in place of the flag.
  • For boolean parameter types, use true, 1, on, or yes for true, or anything else for false.
  • You can use as many flags and combinations as you want!
  • If you have any other ideas or suggestions to make this search better, such as an additional flag or something for your specific needs, let us know for your consideration.
Flag [alias] Parameters Example Search
abbreviation [string]
Identifier of the system to narrow search results by. Full list of system identifiers are on the systems page.
region [string]
Region to narrow search results by. Valid values are: NA (North America), EU (Europe), JP (Japan).
year [string]
4 digit year that the item was released.
prefix [string]
String that a title must start with at the beginning of a title. Case insensitive.
suffix [string]
String that a title must end with at the end of its title. Case insensitive.
owned [boolean]
Only display results you own in your collection. Great for finishing checklists! Only has effect if you are logged in.
upcoming [boolean]
Search only upcoming releases, which we define as: a release that has been announced, but has not yet been released.
licensed [boolean]
A release which was officially supported, endorsed, and/or approved by the license holder.
unlicensed [boolean]
A release which was not sponsored or endorsed by the console manufacturer.
demo [boolean]
Show demo releases in search results.
A demo release is defined as a non-commercial release, such as demo, kiosk cartridge, and others.
budget [boolean]
Show budget releases in search results.
A budget release is defined as a release with a marketing label such as "Player's Choice", "Greatest Hits", "Sega All-Stars", etc.
kiosk [boolean]
A release used in a store kiosk for promotional / demonstration purposes. It has provable differences in packaging and/or content, distinguishing it as such. They are often (somewhat ambiguously) refered to as "Not for Resale" games.
test [boolean]
Show releases that were made for testing purposes, including service, repair and/or diagnosis related reasons.
longbox [boolean]
Show games which are longbox releases, which are 1995-1996 releases in a longer box. Applies to PlayStation only.
field [string]
Sort results by a field. Valid values are: Title, Year.
[direction [string]]
Direction to sort results by. Valid values are: Asc (for ascending) and Desc (for descending). Defaults to: Asc.
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