Privacy Policy

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TL;DR: We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of privacy to protect you, your data, and the privacy of our users. We want you to enjoy using VGDB and not worry about providing data to us which will be overall beneficial to your experience in using our app. We maintain modern practices of security and the privacy of both you and your data is a priority to us. Every app has slightly different individual policies regarding privacy, so we hope this document will help you understand some of our specific policies should you care to read it.

This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand how we collect, use, and safeguard any data you may provide to us. This Privacy Policy applies for the VGDB web app (located at and the VGDB iOS app - herein this document we refer to as the "service". This document will notify you of the following:

  1. What personally identifiable information is collected from you through use of the service, how it is used and with whom it may be shared.
  2. What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data.
  3. The security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information.

We collect as little data from you as possible and the data we do collect is collected as it is needed for use of the service. The information we do collect is securely stored in a MySQL database. We believe in the less data, the easier for us to maintain, the better.

A VGDB account is not required to use the service. However, many features of VGDB will require a user account just by the nature of the feature. For example, adding games to your collection requires a user account in order to save that data. When you register for an account we collect: name, email, and password. Here is a breakdown of these properties:

We maintain a very high, modern practices of security to ensure that our servers are properly secured to help make the possibility of a hack and/or data breach extremely unlikely. Our servers are secured by a team of modern software engineers with many years of experience. However, the only system that can ever be completely secured is one which is unplugged completely, devoid of power, and buried in the ground, and even then there may still even be a way. We are fully confident that our servers are secured and would be extremely difficult to hack, and would be a very low reward to any would be hackers for the high amounts of time and levels of expertise it would require. Due to the nature of computers, we can never make the guarantee that ours or any system will never be hacked. Please consider this when providing data to the service. We recommend using a login combination which you do not use for any other services, so that in the event there is a hack, your login credentials can not be attempted for any other services such as PayPal. Furthermore, we'd also like to point out that this service is likely not to be a strong target by hackers in the way a target such as a bank or financial institution might be for a hacker. The "reward" to a would-be hacker for successfully hacking our service is extremely minimal, though we still maintain high security practices regardless. All data sent to and from our servers is encrypted when sent and decrypted when received, using HTTPS protocol, so man-in-the-middle attacks could not be performed. In addition, we also never store your passwords in plaintext format, so even if there was a hack and/or data breach, although your username and email would be compromised, your password would not be compromsied, which prevents would-be hackers from attempting your login credentials on other services and hoping for a match.

Registered users may also provide additional optional information when using the service. Examples of features that require additional information include but are not limited to: location, a short biography, your real name, age, gender, top favorite video games, orders placed in the store, posts you make, games you own in your collection, contributions, and more. You may update and maintain your data provided to the service at any time in your settings.

Any data we collect from you is used only by us for the purpose of making your experience better in using the service. We will NOT sell your data to any third-parties whatsoever. We will also not perform any related adjectives whatsoever with your data such as (but not limited to): rent, trade, barter, give away, exchange, borrow, beg, steal, or any related adjectives to your data to any third-parties whatsoever. We seriously use your data only for helping to make your experience in using our service better and to hopefully help make your life easier.

We may update and/or change this Privacy Policy at any time simply by changing it. For changes which we deem to be "minor", no communication will be made to you of the change. For changes which we deem to be "major", communication to you will be made of the change via a notification in the service. If you care to, please check our Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure you remain informed and up to date on our current specific privacy practices.

We are happy to answer any questions or provide clarification to any concerns you may have regarding our privacy practices. For you to understand fully our practices regarding privacy is a priority to us - do not hesitate to contact us for any time about this.

Last Updated: 11/25/2018