Privacy Policy

The most up to date version of this Privacy Policy may always be found at We at VGDB are committed to providing and maintaining to you the highest levels of privacy possible, to keep any information we may happen to collect from you THOROUGHLY protected, our approach is to collect as LESS information about you as POSSIBLE. We don't want it, and maintaining more information is a pain in the butt and makes things more of a pain in the ass, and that's not what VGDB's goals are. However, there will be some things and features that inherently require some levels of data collection and/or personally-identifying and/or non-personally-identifying information about you, in which case we'll collect and store/maintain that data obviously because at that point we'd need to collect it. That's how computers work. Our goal is to PROTECT your privacy at all times, and our entire systems/plaatform has been built with protection of your privacy in mind throughout all levels of its design. We also don't collect or sell any of your information to third parties, because our name isn't Satan (or Google ohhhhhh shots fired). We want you to enjoy using VGDB and not worry about thinking we're the next idiot app that wants to get rich by treating you as the product. Our goal is to provide tools that make your life easier in some way in regard to video games. Not harvest your data. Gross.

Our platform has been built from the ground up by really smart engineers that have really big large brains that few people in the world are smarter than. Thanks to this new cutting-edge technology called "brains" of our engineers, we maintain all standard industry practices for properly hashing and/or encrypting data to ensure it can not ever easily be accessed by someone that is not supposed to see or use it. Remember, no possible system is "unhackable", even a system that is unplugged from every power source and dug 50 feet into the ground and buried can be hacked by someone if they're smart enough to figure out a way how, but GOOD LUCK hacking this one, because you're gonna need it. Not that we do anything even that advanced or special, but we just have the basic care to not be careless or make any stupid mistakes with design/development, which is a lot more than can be said about most apps/services.

If you decide to create a user account, here's the information that we collect from you:

  • Username - We require all users to have a username associated with their account. A username is a unique name that may be used to refer to the user and/or their account. Usernames may be alpha-numeric characters only and have at most a single divider '.' character used to separate 2 parts of it somewhere in the middle of the username. The minimum length of a username is 1 character. Once a username is created, you are free to change it as often and as much as you'd like, as long as it's not currently in use by a different user as you. Howoever, if you try to change your usernamem back to something it was before, but your previous username is now taken by a different user, you may not change your username back to that. All previous usernames are automatically released back into the pool of available usernames. We encourage registered users to carefully pick a username they like and that represents then well, where everyone that sees it will instantly judge that user and think to themselves "woah that's a pretty cool username that user's got there".
  • Email Address - We require all registered users to have an email address associated with their account. Usernames may optionally be verified to ensure it is a legitimate email address that the user has access to, but our systems currently do not enforce the validation of a username in any part of it, though in the future we might change this if it makes sense to somewhere. Email addresses is what we use for correspondence to the user in the event they need to be communicateed with for some reason in relation to using the service. We do not sell your email addresses to any third party or use them in any way whatsoever aside from contacting you if we need to or to update you about some aspect of the service, which will be a seldom occurrence done on a need-to basis.
  • Password - We require all users to have a password associated with their account, which is the default authentication method used to ensure the user is who they say they are, to let them log into their account. All passwords are stored securetly on our servers using a one-way hashing algorithm which is not ever possible for us to convert it back to your plaintext password even if we wanted to. When you enter your password to log in, the password you type gets run through the same exact one-way hashing algorithm that we used to initially store your password, and if it's an exact match, that's how we know it's you. That's how passwords work in case you didn't know this relatively basic mechanic of how passwords work from an engineering point of view. We encourage all of our users to not use the same password for this site as they use for other sites, because if you get a password hacked/breached somewhere from some other service, it would make it possible for them to use it to attempt to breach your VGDB account as well. We encourage the use of password managers to store and always use unique, crack-proof passwords for each different site/service that you use, but that's up to you. When you first create your account, you must type your password again to confirm it against any possible typographical errors by entering the password field twice. If you happen to forget what your password is and wish or need to change it, you may follow the instructions in the forgot/recover password features built within the platform in order to do that.

Registered users may also use VGDB to store and keep track of their video game collections. That information is securely stored on our servers as well.

Registered users may make contributions to either create new records in VGDB that we didn't previously have, or update existing records in VGDB to expand/elaborate them with additional information, or correct any incorrect information. These contributions are kept track of and stored as a way for providing credit/recognition for the users that have took the time to make them to help make VGDB better, and are stored securely on our servers as well. Once a contribution is accepted, its associated data gets permanently changed to whatever its related entity it is that it is contributing data towards. So even if a contribution gets removed later, if it was previously accepted, that information when it was accepted will remain in VGDB.

We will expand on our policies regarding your privacy and the privacy of your data as soon as we can think of what else to put here. For now, if you have any questions regarding policy, please reach out at any time using the contact information, and we will respond to you as quickly as we can to help you understand whatever you want/need to know regarding your privacy and our commitment to protect your data (and therefore, how we protect YOU).

In case you were curious for some reason, here's the date that we last updated this wonderfully fantastic Privacy Policy document: .