Territories are areas of land more specific than the 6 regions. This this time, territories apply to game releases for Nintendo systems ONLY! Although games can be released for territories for other systems besides just Nintendo, at this time, territories applies to Nintendo only until we expand this functionality later.

Each territory has a 3-character code that references the territory. This 3-digit code is also used as part of the product code.

If you know any more territories which exist but aren't on this list, let us know so we can add it.

Code Meaning
North America
CAN Canada
MXN Mexico
MSA Mexico
USA United States
EEC European Economic Community
ESP Spain
EUR Europe (General)
EXP Not Sure
FAH France and Holland
FRA France
FRG West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
GBR Great Britain
GPS Unknown; Possibly "Game Pak Software" or "Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain"
GRE Greece
HOL Holland
ISR Israel
ITA Italy
NOE Nintendo of Europe
SCN Scandinavia
SWE Sweden
UKV United Kingdom
JPN Japan
ASI Asia Islands
ASM Asia Mainland
CHN China
CHT China and Taiwan
KOR Korea
HKG Hong Kong
MDE Middle East
MSE Not Sure
ROC Republic of China (aka Taiwan)
TWN Taiwan
UAE United Arab Emirates
South America
BRA Brazil
BRL Brazil
LTN Latin America
AUS Australia