Welcome to the powerful developer portal! Where you can register all your third-party applications that consume the VGDB API, and get additional documents, tips and tricks on how to best use it effectively and usefully! Here's some benefits of using the VGDB API:

  • Powerful and Robust! Lots of options and functionality, but designed in a way that is extremely easy to understand and use. Get your applications consuming the VGDB API, and building applications on top of it, faster, quicker, in no time.
  • Documented!
  • OAuth2 Used for Authorization! You can have users grant authorization to use their VGDB data in your app, for even more functionality.

To begin, if you have not already, you must register a client. A client is your third-party application that can access the powerful API.

After you've registered your application, use the API Documentation to learn how to use it.

Happy coding!