Contact Information

Should you ever need to contact us for some reason, here's our contact information.

For inquiries regarding purchasing a game purchase and/or trade, please send an email directly to [email protected]. We are always very happy and PREFER to be working directly with people where/when possible, whether it be a friend/customer that would be making a purchase, or a friend/colleague that we would be orchestrating an even-balanced trade with to help mutually advance our collecting goals, direct is always the best, and most cost-effective way to operate. Send us an email. Thank you.

Shipping Address:

VGDB: The Video Game Database
PO Box 23
Merced, CA 95341-0023
United States
[email protected]

Social Media:

In case the convenience of sending electronic mail (aka "emails") to anyone anywhere in the world instantly and for free and out of the control of any governing body/entity is too hipster for you, please feel free to also contact VGDB through the messaging systems built within anyof the major social media platforms that we happen to have a presence on. However, if you use social media to contact us, it means you also have to follow/like/comment/share/etc all our stuff, because THAT'S THE DEAL >o:).

Here's where you can find VGDB on social media: