The Video Game Database

Welcome! VGDB is a massive, organized, easily-searchable database of video games, free to use for the greater good of society, which we created for fun one day when we were bored.

Made by both gamers and collectors with combined 100+ years experience, VGDB is completely free and always will be!

Mission and Core Values


To create the world's largest and most comprehensive database of video games and game information! To continually refine, improve, and expand our data so that it is always improving. To keep our data well-organized, easily-searchable, and presented in a friendly way that can be benefited by anyone. To be a platform for people to contribute knowledge of their own. To help preserve and protect these rich cultural artifacts into the historical record known as the Internet.


Not all information about video games can be stored in a database format; much information is emotional, intrinsic, meaningful. We want to cover it all. Therefore, we built VGDB into a platform where users can post chatter to say anything they want! Tag any game, system, or followed user, and your chatter will show up on that respective page! Attach an image to your chatter to help better explain your thoughts. Chatters can be upvoted; the most helpful chatters will help improve the author's reputation. Users can reply to chatter, and send private chatters to one-another to really help them interact and collaborate.


Any release in our database can be tracked in your collection. Manage your entire collection on a single easy-to-use page. Track things such as price paid, location, date, completeness, condition, and more. Get instant, up-to-date pricing data to help you make accurate and informed buying decisions! Generate your collection into checklists so you can easily know what you have and don't have. Export your collection to TXT, XLS, and PDF formats, so you can take your collection data with you on the go; you don't have to be married to VGDB if you don't want to be!


As Richard Stallman would say, "Free as in Beer!" VGDB is completely free and always will be. We have been in the gaming and collecting scene for may years and have met countless friends; we have been blessed many times over; VGDB is something we wish to give back.

vgdb2 months ago*

Welcome to VGDB! In this photo, the VGDB crew snags a photo in front of the Monster Hunter: World exhibit at E3 Expo 2017!

Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

  • ricardo3g Ahhh buncha good guys.

  • skcin7 @ricardo3g Thanks! 😍

  • matt Great time!

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vgdb3 months ago*

Welcome to the VGDB system account. We will use this account to post important updates and VGDB related information in the form of a chatter which will show up in your feed! All chatters posted on this account will also be posted to the front page.

This account is here to help make your experience using VGDB better. Feel free to reach out for any reason by sending us a private chatter. We want you to have the best VGDB experience possible!

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