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Uranai 2: Mainichi no Tarot Uranai, The for PlayStation
(Visit, 1999)
Escapists, The for Xbox One
(Sold Out Software, 2015)
Mickey Mousecapade for Nintendo Entertainment System
(Capcom, 1988)
Yooka-Laylee for Xbox One
(Team 17, 2017)
Corpse Killer: Graveyard Edition for Sega Saturn
(Digital Pictures, 1995)
Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss Destination for PlayStation
(Konami, 1999)
Batman & Robin for PlayStation
(Acclaim, 1998)
Battle Bugs for PlayStation
(Manning, 1997)
Metal Angel for TurboGrafx-16 CD
(Pack-In-Video, 1993)
Wolfenstein: The New Order for PlayStation 3
(Bethesda Softworks, 2014)
Mahjong Haou: Taikai Battle for PlayStation 2
(Mycom, 2003)
Mahou Sensei Negima! Private Lesson 2: Ojama Shimasu Parasite de Chu for Game Boy Advance
(Marvelous Entertainment, 2006)
Devil May Cry 4 for PlayStation 3
(Capcom, 2008)
LEGO Movie Videogame, The for Nintendo Wii U
(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 2014)
R.C. Grand Prix for Sega Master System
(Seismic, 1989)
Golf '92, The for Nintendo Entertainment System
(G.O.1, 1992)
ClayFighter for Super Nintendo
(Interplay, 1993)
Captain Tsubasa for Sega CD
(Tecmo, 1994)
World Class Leaderboard Golf for Game Gear
(Sega, 1991)
Frame Gride for Sega Dreamcast
(From Software, 1999)
Nettou Garou Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai for Game Boy
(Takara, 1994)
Tanteibu: The Detective Club - Tantei to Yuurei to Kaitou to for PlayStation Portable
(Boost On, 2011)
Private Idol Disc Vol. 7: Asou Kaori for Sega Saturn
(Sada Soft, 1997)
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The for PlayStation 3
(Bethesda Softworks, 2011)
Hayarigami DS: Toshidensetsu Kaii Jiken for Nintendo DS
(Nippon Ichi Software, 2009)
Goal Storm for PlayStation
(Konami, 1996)
Combi Mahjong Awaseuchi with Maboroshi Tsukiyo Characters for PlayStation
(Gaps, 2000)
Jackass the Game for PlayStation 2
(Red Mile Entertainment, 2007)
NOeL: La Neige Special for PlayStation
(Pioneer LDC, 1998)
System: Flaw for Nintendo DS
(Storm City Games, 2009)
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon for PlayStation 3
(D3Publisher, 2011)
Spider-Man: Edge of Time for Nintendo Wii
(Activision, 2011)
Worms Pinball for PlayStation
(Infogrames, 2000)
Illvanian no Shiro: Ruins of Illvanian for Super Nintendo
(Nippon Clary Business, 1994)
Lost Planet 2 for Xbox 360
(Capcom, 2010)
Keiba Saishou no Housoku for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
(Copya Systems, 1994)
Daiku no Gen-San 2: Akage no Dan no Gyakushuu for Nintendo Entertainment System
(Irem, 1993)
NBA 2K15 for PlayStation 3
(2K Sports, 2014)
Carmageddon: Max Damage for PlayStation 4
(Stainless Games, 2016)
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
(GameTek, 1994)
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas for PlayStation
(Fox Interactive, 2000)
G-LOC: Air Battle for Sega Master System
(Sega, 1991)
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 for Nintendo GameCube
(D3Publisher, 2006)
Honey on the Road for TurboGrafx-16
(Face, 1990)
Hobbit, The for Nintendo GameCube
(Sierra Entertainment, 2003)
Outdoor Action Double Pack for Nintendo Wii
(Mastiff, 2010)
Gegege no Kitarou: Kiki Ippatsu! Youkai Rettou for Game Boy Advance
(Konami, 2003)
Hanabi Shokunin Ninarou 2 for PlayStation 2
(Magical Company (Mahou), 2003)
FIFA 16 for PlayStation 4
(EA Sports, 2015)
Natsu Yume Ya Wa for PlayStation 2
(Kid, 2003)
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 for Xbox 360
(Activision, 2008)
Every Child Can Succeed 3 for PlayStation
(Lightspan, 1996)
Hot Wheels: Velocity X for PlayStation 2
(THQ, 2002)
Spider-Man 3 for Game Boy Advance
(Activision, 2007)
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces for PlayStation
(Midway, 2000)
Super Jangou for Super Nintendo
(Victor Interactive Software, 1995)
Moto Roader MC for TurboGrafx-16 CD
(NCS, 1992)
Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival Tachi for Super Nintendo
(Tecmo, 1993)
Crash City Mayhem for Nintendo 3DS
(Majesco Games, 2013)
Great Battle V, The for Super Nintendo
(Banpresto, 1995)
Iridium Runners for PlayStation 2
(SouthPeak Games, 2008)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Kondo wa Puzzle de Oshioki yo!! for Super Nintendo
(Bandai, 1994)
Simple 2000 Series Vol. 88: The Mini Bijo Keikan for PlayStation 2
(D3Publisher, 2005)
Doodle Jump Adventures for Nintendo 3DS
(GameMill Publishing, 2013)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 for PlayStation 4
(Activision, 2015)
Kagero: Deception II for PlayStation
(Tecmo, 1998)
Light Fantasy for Super Nintendo
(Tonkin House, 1992)
Brave Saga 2 for PlayStation
(Takara, 2000)
One Piece: Treasure Battle! for Nintendo GameCube
(Bandai, 2001)
Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots!, The for Super Nintendo
(THQ, 1993)
Game Conveni 21 for Game Boy Color
(Starfish, 2000)
King of the Monsters for Super Nintendo
(Takara, 1992)
Alnam no Tsubasa: Shoujin no Sora no Kanata e for PlayStation
(Right Stuff, 1997)
Metal Wolf REV for PlayStation 2
(Princess Soft, 2006)
Hokuto no Ken 6: Gekitou Denshouken - Haou heno Michi for Super Nintendo
(Toei Animation, 1992)
Interlude for Sega Dreamcast
(NEC Interchannel, 2003)
We Sing: UK Hits for Nintendo Wii
(Nordic Games Publishing, 2013)
Cooking Mama: World Kitchen for Nintendo Wii
(Majesco Games, 2008)
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for Nintendo Wii
(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 2011)
Catch! Kimochi Sensation for PlayStation
(Pandora Box, 2000)
Dragon's Lair 3D for Xbox
(Ubisoft, 2002)
Last Tinker: City of Colors, The for PlayStation 4
(Soedesco, 2016)
Konchuu Hakase 2 for Game Boy Color
(J-Wing, 1999)
Survivor for Nintendo Wii
(Valcon Games, 2010)
Power Rangers Megaforce for Nintendo 3DS
(Namco Bandai Games, 2013)
Championship Pool for Nintendo Entertainment System
(Mindscape Inc., 1993)
Kachou Shima Kousaku DS: Dekiru Otoko no Love & Success for Nintendo DS
(Konami, 2008)
Stuntman Ignition for PlayStation 2
(THQ, 2007)
Sonic Mega Collection for Nintendo GameCube
(Sega, 2002)
Hikari no Senshi Photon: The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth for Nintendo Entertainment System
(Takara, 1987)
Gallop Racer for PlayStation
(Tecmo, 1996)
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for Xbox 360
(cdv Software Entertainment USA, 2009)
Pokemon Red Version for Game Boy
(Nintendo, 1998)
Jikkyou Powerful Major League for PlayStation 2
(Konami, 2006)
RockMan for PlayStation
(Capcom, 1999)
Steve Soresi no Eikaiwa PeraPera DS Training for Nintendo DS
(IE Institute, 2010)
Renai Kouza Real Age for PlayStation
(Imagineer, 1999)
Densetsu no Starfy 4 for Nintendo DS
(Nintendo, 2006)
WWF Raw for Super Nintendo
(LJN Ltd., 1994)
Family Gameshow for Nintendo Wii
(Storm City Games, 2010)