You can make your search more powerful by adding flags to your query.

  • The format of a flag is: flag:parameters. Put that anywhere in your search.
  • If a flag has an alias, the alias may be used in place of the flag.
  • For boolean parameter types, use true, 1, on, or yes for true, or anything else for false.
  • You can use as many flags and combinations as you want!
  • If you have any other ideas or suggestions to make this search better, such as an additional flag or something for your specific needs, let us know for your consideration.
Flag [alias] Parameters Example Search
abbreviation [string]
Identifier of the system to narrow search results by. Full list of system identifiers are on the systems page.
region [string]
Region to narrow search results by. Valid values are: NA (North America), EU (Europe), JP (Japan).
year [string]
4 digit year that the item was released.
prefix [string]
String that a title must start with at the beginning of a title. Case insensitive.
suffix [string]
String that a title must end with at the end of its title. Case insensitive.
owned [boolean]
Only display results you own in your collection. Great for finishing checklists! Only has effect if you are logged in.
upcoming [boolean]
Search only upcoming releases, which we define as: a release that has been announced, but has not yet been released.
licensed [boolean]
A release which was officially supported, endorsed, and/or approved by the license holder.
unlicensed [boolean]
A release which was not sponsored or endorsed by the console manufacturer.
demo [boolean]
Show demo releases in search results.
A demo release is defined as a non-commercial release, such as demo, kiosk cartridge, and others.
budget [boolean]
Show budget releases in search results.
A budget release is defined as a release with a marketing label such as "Player's Choice", "Greatest Hits", "Sega All-Stars", etc.
kiosk [boolean]
A release used in a store kiosk for promotional / demonstration purposes. It has provable differences in packaging and/or content, distinguishing it as such. They are often (somewhat ambiguously) refered to as "Not for Resale" games.
test [boolean]
Show releases that were made for testing purposes, including service, repair and/or diagnosis related reasons.
longbox [boolean]
Show games which are longbox releases, which are 1995-1996 releases in a longer box. Applies to PlayStation only.
field [string]
Sort results by a field. Valid values are: Title, Year.
[direction [string]]
Direction to sort results by. Valid values are: Asc (for ascending) and Desc (for descending). Defaults to: Asc.
Our database is in very early testing phases. Thanks for your understanding if/when you encounter any bugs.
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories for PlayStation 2 (NIS America, 2006)
Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness for Nintendo DS (Square Enix, 2008)
Rats! for Game Boy Color (Take-Two Interactive, 1998)
RiME for Xbox One (Grey Box, 2017)
Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 for PlayStation 2 (Disney Interactive Studios, 2002)
Lake Masters 2 for PlayStation (Dazz, 1998)
Sample This! - An Interactive Sampler from Crystal Dynamics for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (Crystal Dynamics, 1993)
Hard Drivin' for Atari Lynx (Atari Games (Midway), 1991)
NFL 2K3 for Xbox (Sega, 2002)
FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 for PlayStation Portable (Electronic Arts, 2006)
Wit's for Nintendo Entertainment System (Athena, 1990)
Cory in the House for Nintendo DS (Disney Interactive Studios, 2008)
Electrician for Famicom Disk System (Kemco, 1986)
Nobunaga no Yabou Online: Tenka Mugen no Shou for PlayStation 4 (Koei Tecmo Games, 2014)
Maru Goukaku: Shikaku Dasshu! Chuushoukigyou Shindanshi Shiken 2 Portable for PlayStation Portable (Media5, 2012)
Kamen Rider Blade for PlayStation 2 (Bandai, 2004)
Super Famista 4 for Super Nintendo (Namco, 1995)
Super Huey UH-IX for Atari 7800 (Atari, 1988)
Ciao Dream Touch! Happy Anniversary for Nintendo DS (Marvelous Entertainment, 2006)
Himitsu Sentai Metamor V Deluxe for PlayStation (Mycom, 1998)
Pitfall: The Big Adventure for Nintendo Wii (Activision, 2008)
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine for Xbox 360 (THQ, 2011)
Haisei Mahjong Ryouga for Super Nintendo (ASCII Entertainment, 1995)
Madden NFL 08 for Xbox 360 (EA Sports, 2007)
Gakuen Heaven 2: Double Scramble for PlayStation Vita (Prototype, 2015)
XBLAZE Code: Embryo for PlayStation Vita (Aksys Games, 2014)
Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch (Konami, 2017)
Genso Suiko Gaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou for PlayStation (Konami, 2001)
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2: Karakuri Land for Nintendo Entertainment System (Irem, 1991)
Music: Music Creation for the PlayStation for PlayStation (Codemasters, 1998)
Backyard Basketball for Game Boy Advance (Atari, 2004)
Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende for Nintendo DS (Namco Bandai Games, 2011)
Fuzion Frenzy 2 for Xbox 360 (Microsoft Game Studios, 2007)
Sydney 2000 for PlayStation (Eidos Interactive, 2000)
Madden NFL 09 for PlayStation Portable (Electronic Arts, 2008)
Ys Seven for PlayStation Portable (Xseed Games, 2010)
Pro Atlas Travel Guide for PlayStation Portable (Edia Co., 2007)
Fruit'Y: Playing with Edibles for Sega Dreamcast (Retroguru, 2015)
SD Gundam: Gashapon Wars for Nintendo Wii (Bandai Namco Games, 2010)
Grim the Bounty Hunter for PlayStation Portable (Quinrose, 2012)
Alien Syndrome for Sega Master System (Sega, 1988)
Okada Toshio no Itsumademo DEBU to Omounayo: DS Recording Diet for Nintendo DS (Rocket Company, 2008)
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas for PlayStation Vita (Limited Run Games, 2017)
Popils for Game Gear (Tengen, 1992)
American Chopper 2: Full Throttle for PlayStation 2 (Activision Value, 2005)
Pro Yakyuu Famista 2011 for Nintendo 3DS (Bandai Namco Games, 2011)
Gaist Crusher God for Nintendo 3DS (Capcom, 2014)
Pool Paradise: International Edition for PlayStation 2 (Conspiracy Entertainment, 2006)
Sprint Cars 2: Showdown at Eldora for PlayStation 2 (THQ, 2008)
SimAnimals for Nintendo Wii (Electronic Arts, 2009)
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