The Video Game Database

VGDB is the largest and most comprehensive, easily-searchable, and organized database of video games in the world!

Built as a way to give back to gamers and collectors, VGDB is completely free and always will be.

Why VGDB is great


Our software continually scans the world wide web and other sources to maintain the most up-to-date, accurate, and precise data on over 30,000 games. We take strides to keep our database easily-searchable, intuitive to use, and organized. We are continually refining it.

Collection Tool

Manage your collection using our collection tool. Generate checklists so you can easily know what you have and don't have. Convert your collection and download it as Text formats so you can manage your collection as you wish, even outside of VGDB.


Find something new about a game? Discover an obscure variant? Get over 1,000,000 points in NWC? Make a chatter to tell people! Tag games, systems, and users you are following, for it to show up on their page. Attach an image so people can better see what you are talking about. The most helpful chatters get upvoted so be sure to post good ones.

Community Built

The individuals behind VGDB are gamers and collectors their entire lives with more experience than most. It's a labor of love with a main motivation to give back and create a positive impact on something that we greatly love.


VGDB is completely free and always will be. It's our way to give back to the hobby we love. When we play a game, we relate to it on a human level and envision ourselves as the hero. We may not be trying to save a princess or slay a dragon, but we face struggles every single day which we must triumph. These games are part of who we are.

vgdb1 month ago*

Welcome to VGDB! In this photo, the VGDB crew snags a photo in front of the Monster Hunter: World exhibit at E3 Expo 2017!

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